Dine With Us

In August of 2017, we purchased the Henry River Mill Village with the intention of restoring the Company Store into a beautiful, family restaurant inspired by the food history and culture of the families that called Henry River home.  As we continue to pursue our dream of the first full service restaurant in the Henry River Mill Village, we have wonderful options that allow you to dive into the food culture of Henry River.  To say food is our thing would be an understatement, and we believe that sharing good food with others creates the best history.  Go on, be full and happy!


Explore the Food Culture

We believe history should be learned through all of our senses, including our favorite, taste. Step back in time with each bite, and open the pages into the food culture of the Henry River Mill Village as related by the folks who lived and grew up there.


Inspired by You

Experience one of our talented chefs as they prepare a 7-course menu inspired by you, and then produced for you, in uniquely intimate locations.  Limited to groups of 4-24 guests.


Custom Catering Options

Want to bring the flavor of Henry River to your next event? Our team will help you create an experience made for the history books. We specialize in groups of any size and food preference.